I’m a Trump voter and I support the homeowner.  If you’re going to be sharing space you don’t need daily arguments.  A friend found a posting at Craigslist where a landlord is looking to rent an empty bedroom.  My friend, also a Trump voter, was very amused by the listing. You can see it by clicking here.  This is my favorite Part:


Public accommodation laws and civil rights legislation of the 1960s were designed to right racial wrongs.  The Constitution is a list of things the government can’t do to you but businesses were exempt.  It was an effort to legislate politeness.  Good intentions but not always good for human relations.

Look, if someone doesn’t want to do business with me because of my creed, my faith or my color, I’ll simply go somewhere else.  We’ve got a marketplace large enough to offer alternatives.  People willing to rent to Trump voters will make a good buck.  I also don’t believe we’ve a right to our choice of housing, a right to a job and a right to eat in the pizza parlor of our choice.

On the other side of this, if I posted a listing and said liberals need not apply, I’m not sure the left would be anywhere near as tolerant.  There would be pickets, complaints to the office of the Idaho Attorney General and I’d be accused of violating federal law and called a bigot.

I believe it was Dan Bongino who said Republicans aren’t concerned about how Democrats live but Democrats would like to control how Republicans live.  And I’m not looking to argue the point with a landlord!

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