There are a few names in Twin Falls that everyone knows. These individuals are well known for their hard work, dedication to our community and overall success. There involvement in our community and ability to be successful makes them local celebrities to Twin Falls residents.

I was able to corner a few of Twin Fall's local celebrtites long enough to ask them what their first 3 jobs were.

Check our their responses and tell us what your first job was.

Bill Kyle  (Magic Valley McDonalds owner) -

  1. Worked his father's grain and alfalfa fields
  2. Driving Instructor
  3. Salesman for a National Company. Later advancing to managment

Shawn Barigar (Twin Falls Mayor) -

  1. Was a cleaner at Rusty Nail Pizza Parlor in Buhl
  2. Box Boy at Kliegl's IGA in Buhl
  3. Corn Sorter at Green Giant

Doug Maughan (College of Southern Idaho's Public Information Officer)-

  1. Stocking shelves at Penneys in Buhl
  2. Bagging groceries at Shelbys in Buhl
  3. Working the 7-midnight 'Souvenirs in Sound' shift at KTFI


What was your first job?

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