What would you do? What would you do if one of the biggest celebrities in the world approached you on a special day to take a picture with you? You don't see them nearby, they approach you to say congratulations and ask to share the moment with you by taking a picture? It can be your birthday, your wedding day, or some other special day, but you run into a celebrity that you never thought you'd ever see in person. This recently happened to a woman on her wedding day, where a huge celebrity approached her and took her by surprise, and made her special day one that she will never forget.

Celebrity Crashes Wedding Day

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Recently Tom Hanks crashed a girl's wedding day in Pittsburgh when he came over and congratulated the bride and asked to take photos with the wedding party. This woman had no idea he was there and her entire party freaked out. If you had someone like Tom Hanks or a star that you were a huge fan of crash your photoshoot, what would you do? Everyone would freak out, but there is a little bit of a dilemma here that many may not think about.

Seeing Your Future Spouse Before the Wedding

Credit: Mark Zamora on Unsplash
Credit: Mark Zamora on Unsplash

If you run into a celebrity on your wedding day, there is the tough decision of do you let your future wife or husband know, so they can join in on the are moment. This is tough because many believe that seeing your future spouse before the wedding is bad luck. It also could backfire, because they may be upset you didn't let them meet the famous person as well. If my wife had met Tom Hanks and didn't have someone get me to come to meet him too, I would be bummed and upset. It would be tough to know what to do in the moment and with the surprise of everything.

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While many of us will never be in this situation either cause we are married or not in the right place at the right time, if it does occur will you try to get your friends and family to join you? It is tough at the moment to think clearly, but you want to share the moment and have them be a part of it. With celebrities coming and going to Sun Valley often, this scenario isn't entirely out of the question. I know if Tom Hanks photobombed me, I am not thinking clearly enough to get my wife or anyone else. I would want to capitalize on every second I can to talk to him. The next time you surprisingly run into a celebrity, what would you do? 

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