Greg Jannetta

A decades old bar in Twin Falls has been slowly selling off their decorations and inventory for the past several days and is scheduled to be torn down.

The Pioneer Club on Kimberly Road has been sold. Workers could be seen inside the bar this evening removing some final items and making last minute preparations for demolition.

"The building has been sold," said a man who greeted me at the door at 5:30 PM. "We are just removing some final items."

window 1edit
Debris covers the old bar area. Photo by Greg Jannetta
window 2edit

A response from the bar's Facebook page to an inquiry of mine also confirmed the development.

"Yes sir," said C.R. Larsen, when I asked whether or not the building was being torn down. "Not sure on the exact date. Sale closed today."

Larsen informed me he's working on a new project called "The Time Snooze." Apparently he plays billiards competitively too. I challenged him to a game over further conversation about the project, to which he responded, "For sure, peace."

The Pioneer Club currently sits at 1519 Kimberly Road, until demolition plans are carried out.


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