Those three B's will be fulfilled at Monday Night Madness at the Pioneer Club on Monday, November 19th!

Kick off for the Chicago Bears at San Fransisco 49ers game starts at 6:30pm MTN on ESPN.  So be there!

If you've never experienced a Monday Night Madness.  Well, it's something you must do before you die.  And since the world is coming to an end this December 21st, now is the time to live!

Throughout the game you'll have chances to win Coors prizes and enjoy drink specials!  Then at half-time I will hook someone up with Blue Oyster Cult Tickets!  Then there is a second chance to win another pair of Blue Oyster Cult Tickets with the Bonus Code I will have for you.

See you at the Pioneer Club on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls...NEVER A COVER!

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