The Twin Falls Police Department shared some photos of potential wallet thieves that were caught on camera. If you recognize them, please contact authorities.

According to the Twin Falls Police Department Facebook page, the people of interest allegedly stole a wallet out of a woman's purse. A little while later there were debit and credit card charges that were made fraudulently at several retail locations. The male and female are potential suspects or have the ability to further the investigation. All persons of interest are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

Again, if you recognize these people let authorities know. I am sure the person who's wallet and cards were stolen are pretty frustrated right now. She probably has canceled all the cards by now and is working on getting any fund back that were lost.

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Being the victim of a crime like this is unsettling and can get turn life upside down. Who knows if this person now has the ability to purchase food for their family because they are waiting for another way to access their bank. I am sure that the person's drivers license was probably in there too so driving is going to be harder. I can only imagine how frustrated this person is.

Stop touching and stealing things! Those people worked hard for what they have and you taking it does a lot more damage than you probably realize. I am not speaking to the people in the photo, just thieves in general.

Mini rant over.

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