Following dress code policy change last year, some Twin Falls High School students are being pulled from class and sent to the office to address their clothes.

This young lady was told she had to change her clothes before she could return to class.

We asked you about school dress code policies and you had a lot to say about it. We had so many calls come in that we couldn't keep up. You can hear most of them in the video.

Some of you think the rules should be left up to the better judgement of school administrators while others think these kind of stricter policies have been a long time coming. KEZJ's Facebook page blew up this morning after the post.

Let me say that in my opinion, this young lady does not appear to be dressed inappropriately.

I think that administrators are in between a rock and a hard place. I've seen inappropriate dress at both high schools in Twin Falls so I understand the reason for the policy. Some of you believe that a teacher or a principal should be able to "use their best judgment." The problem with leaving it up to an administrator is you leave room for bias and interpretation... so I believe the rule should be set with no exceptions.

It's too bad there are those that push boundaries to the point where this is even being discussed.

Check out the picture of the dress that started the discussion and take our poll.