A Twin Falls resident took to social media Tuesday to warn the community of a scam involving the promised safe return of their family dog.

The May 7 post to the Twin Falls/Lost and Found section of Craigslist was created by a Magic Valley dog owner who claims they were sent an email by an individual claiming to have found the family's lost dog. The scammer refused to give his/her address, and instead asked for a gift card in exchange for the dog's return, which unfortunately the owner of the lost animal fell victim to.

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Craigslist/Twin Falls/Lost and Found

It is very easy for us to sit back and say, "Are you kidding me! Who is gonna actually fall for that!." But, let's focus on the real problem here. Right now, there is some worthless human being researching lost dogs in the Magic Valley, and praying on families who are already suffering. This takes scamming to a little bit of a more heinous level.

If you receive such an email, contact the Twin Falls Police Department.



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