An elementary school in the Twin Falls School District decided to rock their school on September 19 by creating a video to celebrate their diversity and creativity.

Kerrianne Burch, the music teacher at Pillar Falls Elementary School, made a lip-syncing video to a song from "The Greatest Showman" with the help of the student body.

Over the course of four days, students at the school were able to lip-sync their life away while creating their own music video as a part of the #rockyourschoolday movement.

According to their website, the Rock Your School Day movement was created as a part of the Get Your Teach On organization. The event was created a few years back in hopes of getting teachers to think outside the box with their teaching. I think it's safe to say we all know students get uninterested in the same old same old, so the idea is great for trying to get students thinking and moving around a bit more than they would on an average day. According to the website, whatever you do for the event doesn't even have to be rock-themed, which leaves it really open-ended.

On YouTube, Burch said she collected so much footage of the 600 students from her school she could make ten different videos.

We reached out to Burch but were unable to get any other words from her about what inspired her to choose the song. However, we believe if you listen to the lyrics of "This Is Me", it should say enough. You can check out the video she created below.

If you're interested in participating in the event next year with your students and/or school, it's set to happen on September 24, 2020. The best part is that participating in the event is free. You can sign up here for the 2020 event.

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