The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared photos of a person trying to haul a boat into Salmon Dam where the water levels are way too low. Surprise surprise, they got stuck. If you want to get your boat in some water you need to try a place that has, well, water.

According to the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Facebook page, the person was trying to haul their boat at Norton Bay and in order to get close to the water edge, they had to drive through the muddy, still slightly wet shore line. And, the car and the boat got stuck.

The good news is that nobody got hurt in this situation. The bad news is, trying to get the car out of the mud had to be ridiculously hard. The person hauling the boat was able to get some help from a friend and the sheriff's office. But the entire situation could have been avoided.

We have all done some pretty crazy things. I don't really judge this driver, they really wanted to go boating and I really don't blame them. Unfortunately there has been a rough year without a lot of water so trying to pull a stunt like this off is going to almost always, inevitably, end in something like this.

Let us hope for a great winter that has lots of snow in areas so we can get the water we need for better boating next summer. Stay safe out there.

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