Schools have started in some areas around the Magic Valley and other schools are gearing up. That means be on the lookout for more children and more school buses. There have been issues in the past where people are not stopping for school buses when their red lights are on. Don't be that guy.

It has been a nice summer but school is gearing up and more children and more buses are going to be on the road. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office makes announcements on a regular basis to follow the rules of school bus lights.

It is unlawful to pass a school bus when the red light is on and the arm is out. You should not pass when the bus lights are yellow. You should only pass a school bus when it is safe to do so. There are going to be a ton of them here soon. Don't be that person.

I have seen countless times students almost getting hit by vehicles trying to get around a stopped school bus with the red lights on. Those kids could be crossing the street to get home and the only protection they have is the school bus.

School speed zones go into effect as well. The school zones are clearly marked and many times there is some sort of flashing lights to get your attention. With more kids walking to school or walking to bus stops, keep an eye out.

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office also stated that if you are a bus driver and this is happening to you, or you are a person that has witnessed the unlawful passing of a school bus, there is some paperwork you can fill out to give law enforcement an idea where these infractions are happening more often and they will help patrol those areas.

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