We have all been there where we wake up in the morning and the snow on the car is going to take too long and you are going to be late for work. Some of us, I have been guilty of it before, have tried to get away with just a small window box to get us from point A to point B. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared on their Facebook page some of the non-scrapers they caught this week.

I know it is super dangerous and we should take the time to completely clean and scrape windows after a snow storm but I would be lying if I didn't say I have tried to do as little as possible to get on the road. These people, I get you.

I mean, some of these are pretty bad. I think in the one photo those windshield wipers don't even work. I have been guilty of the other two though. I don't always get the second set of windows but I do make sure that I get the back window cleaned off completely.

I also have recently made it a point to clean off my headlights, my tail lights and my license plate so there is absolutely no reason a police officer would want to pull me over. I am not sure anyone got a ticket, most of the time these officers just help clean the vehicle and let you go on your way.

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