The busiest night of the year for taxi cab companies is approaching. New Years Eve will no doubt be a night where not only livers will be tested, but so will the patience of many Twin Fall's cab drivers.

D & S Checker Taxi operates in Twin Falls, and are known as one of the busier Magic Valley services, providing both lifts and party bus rentals. Darrell Hannaman is an owner there, and during a recent phone conversation, he told me the how the company prepares for the high volume of calls that are synonymous with New Years Eve.

"I make everybody work," said Hannaman. "Normally we have about three to four drivers on a shift. We'll have eight on New Years."

According to Hannaman, the 2017 celebration passed without being very problematic for the company; apparently they averaged about a "twenty to twenty-five minute wait." He couldn't say the same for 2015's final night however.

"We were an hour to two hour wait that year. I drove a bus that seats seventeen, and I lost count at forty-five people. I had to shut the doors on people," said Hannaman.

If you think there's a chance you'll need a lift from one of the area's taxi services, remember to expect delays, and don't take any unnecessary risks. Heed the words of Darrell Hannaman.

"Be patient, wait for a ride. Stay alive, don't drive," he said.





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