A Twin Falls teenager is trying to launch her babysitting club and has created a YouTube channel to get the word out. In this first installment, it's not an equipment malfunction, dead cellphone battery or bothersome sibling that brings her marketing pitch to an abrupt ending, but instead a familiar voice informing her she is needed elsewhere.

Meet Brylee. She is 13-years-old, and is attempting to get her babysitting club idea off the ground. Here are some of her qualifications:

* Began babysitting at age 8

* Has two other business partners, Teagan, and her cousin Margaret.

* Lives in Twin Falls

* Has a degree in being adorable

* Speaks at least one language

* Operates a camera very well

Brylee is also looking for more sitters to join her club. She says in the video that you have to be at least 12-years-old to join her club, but if you're 10 or 11, that qualifies you to participate in her training course.

Cost: $3 / hour for kids under six ; $5 / hour over age six

It's not likely Brylee is CPR certified due to her age, but she does leave her contact information for further inquiries.

Great job on your video Brylee! If you were just a little bit older, I'd definitely hire you. Pay particular attention at 2:15, when Brylee is reminded by someone that she is indeed a teenager with responsibilities.

Good luck Brylee!


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