I realized something recently because I have teenagers and they hate everything. Idaho is an amazing place to live because there is so much natural beauty with mountains, trails, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. But, Idaho doesn't have good coverage of non-natural attractions.

Is There Anything Fun To Do In Idaho

My kids point out that we always do the same stuff by kayaking, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities but that we never do anything 'fun'. Of course, I told them that those things are fun but it did get me thinking about what would make my kids and probably many others happy to have in the Magic Valley.

What Attractions Would Make Twin Falls More Fun

We've already done polls about this with options ranging from an amusement or water park, a real event center or family fun center, bringing back a drive-in theater, and Big Wheel races in the South Hills. Those would be cool, but I have two very specific things that we need and seem possible because they have them in other places.

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As with my Big Wheel races story from a few weeks ago, I don't actually know the logistics of making any of this a reality. I just know it is possible and it would be awesome, starting with a giant swing by the Snake River Canyon. I've seen one of these in Colorado where they are built like a ride at Lagoon out of metal with seats but the rope swing version off the Perrine Bridge, similar to what they have in Southern Utah, would be amazing.

A Giant Rope Swing In Twin Falls

We Need A Zip Line Across The Snake River Canyon

My second option is also one that has been thrown around and we got a version of what the world wanted, but not the whole thing. A zip line across the canyon. We do have the Zip The Snake option on the Twin Falls side of the canyon but it doesn't cross the river to the Jerome side. I don't know why that idea got shot down years ago but it would be cool. Or, if crossing the canyon isn't an option you could build an extreme version of a zip line. This one in Tennessee looks like it would be a ton of fun.

We do have attractions that you can travel to, like Roaring Springs or Silverwood, but a recent story still says Idaho is boring. Maybe they are right if an old bridge and a waterfall are a big deal to us. At least we have a variety of waterfalls we can visit to mix things up.

Those are my suggestions to those with more money, power, and knowledge: build a next-level zip line and a giant rope swing in the canyon. Please.

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