There's always that one Idaho house people look forward to driving past or sending their kids to the front door for candy on Halloween. The Twin Falls neighborhood we live in has always shown a lot of Halloween spirit, but we have to drive a bit out of town to see the property that really does a great job decorating each October.

Is there a home in southern Idaho that you make sure to see every Halloween due to the decorations? I have always found that people tend to go bigger during the Halloween celebration than any other time of year including Christmas. People enjoy decorating homes for Easter and the beginning of fall and winter as well, but not nearly as much as Christmas and Halloween.

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We go HUGE for Halloween. Our front yard becomes a cemetery for the Headless Horseman, Jack Skellington, and Edgar Allen Poe every year. We also recognize Tupac with his own headstone. Lights, jumping spiders, strobes, and hanging figures including Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Ghost Face (from Scream) can also be spotted dangling in the yard. We go with the honor system and usually leave candy on a table by the front stairs.

My favorite property to visit on Halloween used to be a lesser-known house off of Addison Avenue West and Grandview Drive (there are some amazing decorations out there), but now it's become the haunted house on Pahsimeroi Drive. By the way, they'll be back this year with the haunted house, so make sure you pass by.

Greg Jannetta

Our home is definitely styled out with large Jack, Sally, and Zero figures, and a hanging ghost woman that is sure to catch you off guard when you walk up the steps. What street has your favorite southern Idaho decorated house on it?

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