It's been roughly six months since construction began on the new multi-unit that has now taken shape in the Twin Falls Fred Meyer parking lot. Two of the three suites have been rented, and business permits have been finalized, for the new building that appears to be on track to open this fall.

It was mid-July of 2019 when construction began on what has now been confirmed to be an office building consisting of three large suites at the corner of Caswell Avenue and Fillmore Street. By October, the shell (or core) of the building was nearly complete, and the word was that the first two businesses to open would be those of an insurance company and an arcade, at least that's what was told directly to me by an on-site worker. We now know the identities of the first two businesses to open in the coming weeks, and neither is offering the chance to win prizes for highest score.

But on the positive side, our accounting and insurance needs will be met once the ribbon gets cut. As many of you already know who have driven past the sign in the parking lot, Magic Valley Insurance and Howe & Heward Certified Public Accounting have two of the three suites locked in. There is presently no confirmed renter for the final suite, according to one city official.

new business 1
Greg Jannetta

According to the sign identifying Summit Restoration & Construction as the builders, the third unit will be available to rent by any interested parties come May. For those holding out hope that an arcade could potentially be the third and final business to set up shop in the new space, just remember the classic quote of Jim Carrey's in the film Dumb & Dumber.

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