The recent opening of another coffee establishment in Twin Falls got me curious about just how many options in the city people have to get their caffeine fix. I wasn't surprised when my search yielded numerous results.

Over the years, Twin Falls has become a coffee powerhouse. The average small, independently-owned coffee house serves up between 200 and 300 cups per day, with the larger chains brewing up and putting lids on roughly 600 to 700, according to numbers provided by the National Coffee Association.

This week news broke of Boomerang Coffee opening on Cheney Drive. This is wonderful news, and curious coffee connoisseurs should pay them a visit this week and welcome the new staff. Boomerang is unique in that they offer a large menu of alternate beverages, such as Italian Soda, tea, and lemonade.

When you factor in other coffee specialists in Twin Falls such as Dutch Bros, Java, Java Express, Full Steam Espresso, Starbucks, Twin Beans Coffee Company, Beans & Brews, Moxie Java, and the rest, our city of approximately 50,000 appears to have its coffee needs more than met. Our country as a whole has seen a steady decline in coffee houses since 2020, according to data shared by Food & Wine. Twin Falls, however, appears to show no signs of slowing down.

My daughter worked for a couple of coffee shops in Twin Falls before recently moving to the Seattle area. Lines got so long where she was employed that I had to stop visiting her. She continues to work as a barista today and loves her job.

Do you believe Twin Falls could use more coffee houses, or do you think the city has enough? 

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