I recently got wind to the fact that another coffee drive-thru is opening in the coming weeks on the south end of Twin Falls. The news got me thinking about the youth and families of Twin Falls, and how it would be great to get a new business in town soon that caters to their needs.

Don't get me wrong. We love our coffee in Twin Falls. I drink multiple cups a day, and my daughter is employed at a coffee house here in town. The fact that we are spoiled by the likes of Java Express, Dutch Bros, Twin Beans, Java Coffee & Café, Starbucks and others, is a good thing.

I will say, that since we upgraded our Keurig at home, I don't go out for coffee that much anymore. Now that the holidays are approaching, that will likely change. Like many of you, I enjoy braving the winter conditions to head out gift shopping with a hot, specialty cup of joe.

I caught some comments off a recent story about the opening of Double Shot Coffee, which will be operating a drive-thru in Twin Falls soon. The company started in Pocatello, and will be calling Twin Falls home eventually.

Several of the comments I read from the story were from Magic Valley parents who expressed a desire for more youth-friendly opportunities in town, and I would agree. Now that the Magic Valley Mall has an arcade, maybe a small activity center would be a good investment for Twin Falls. A place that offers games, food, batting cages, cart racing and other activities for families to enjoy, would be awesome.

What is a business you would like to see built soon in Twin Falls?

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