Preliminary testing has begun on volunteers at two U.S. trial locations of a newly developed Coronavirus vaccine largely funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A vaccine produced by scientists at a Pennsylvania pharmaceutical company called Inovio, are hopeful that if tests work out well, close to one million vaccines could be ready in a couple of months, according to information shared Monday on the company's website.

The COVID-19, experimental vaccine, has already been given to participants in Philadelphia and Kansas City, in what is described as phase one testing. More than 40 healthy volunteers have taken part in the study.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., began giving its first doses to people on April 6, 2020. The recently created drug, INO-4800, is a combination of drugs aimed at defending against contraction of the deadly virus.

COVID-19 has infected more than 330,000 people across the United States, resulting in more that 8,900 deaths to date. The infections first began being reported in the states in late January, with the first official case being detected in a Seattle man who had returned from a trip to China.

In Idaho, there are currently more than 1,100 confirmed cases. Ten people in the state have passed away from complications to the virus. On Sunday, April 5, there were 24 new cases reported alone.

The participants in phase one of the new testing will receive two doses of INO-4800, four weeks apart. The results will then give scientists a direction to head as far as getting the drug ready for testing on Coronavirus patients.

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