A motorist driving south of Twin Falls has reported witnessing an unidentified flying object that interrupted the automobile's radio with atmospheric sounds and noises similar to those of whale echolocation.

The alleged UFO sighting was reported to the National UFO Reporting Center on June 27, and happened south of Twin Falls near Rogerson. The town is located approximately 30 miles south of Twin Falls.

The motorist claims just prior to the sighting, the radio station playing was interrupted by "very strange atmospheric, almost psychedelic music, with what sounded like whales in the sounds as well." The object was described as a blueish/purple light, above US Highway 93, that lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

Multiple bright lights were also described in the report, and the driver claims their dog uncharacteristically barked aggressively throughout the ordeal. The incident allegedly occurred just before midnight on June 25, but wasn't posted to the NUFORC website until 48 hours later.

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