Prosperity is a measurement of wealth and success. A recent report grouped Idaho among the most affluent states in the country, which might actually have a lot to do with the wave of people that have been leaving their birth states for greener pastures in recent years.

In my line of work, you cross paths with a lot of people. I've met a lot of people who have left their home states for Idaho in the past five years. Cheaper living costs, affordable property and land, and an overall sense of safety and security are all reasons people have given me for relocating to the Gem State.

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Idaho has been a great place to live for me and my family. I've had a great deal of good fortune in my time as a southern Idaho resident. My daughter graduated from Canyon Ridge High School in 2020, and although she has since moved to Washington State, she really enjoyed calling Idaho her home for five years.

The Economic Innovation Group released a report a few months back that has Idaho tied with Virginia at number 10 on the list of the most prosperous states. More than a third (34%) of Gem State residents are living in zip codes that are considered to possess higher-than-average affluence, according to EIG findings.

Utah, Colorado, and Massachusetts are the top three most prosperous states listed in the report. Others that top the list are Minnesota, New Hampshire, Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Jersey.

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