Every December millions of Americans book trips to exotic Disney resorts in hopes of spending Christmas in the company of teenagers dressed as ducks, mice, dogs and princesses.

I bet you haven't heard about the time Donald, Mickey and Goofy road-tripped it to Idaho, in search of a magical kingdom known as Potatoland.

It's that time of year again, when after months of saving, parents hit the "book" button on their Ultimate Disney Christmas. Packages often include private dining experiences with fabled Disney characters, exclusive access to rides, private gifts delivered straight to your hotel room door and many other perks. The price for a family of four can ring in around $3000, not including airfare.

Hey look, I'm not saying spending the holidays waiting in lines, sleeping under mouse-patterned linens and eating a continental breakfast with Captain Hook isn't a blast--nothing says Christmas like a bacon and egg bar and a morning hula lesson from Lilo--I'm just saying that a good old-fashioned, scenic road trip right here in Idaho, might help create some of those magical memories you seek.

How does a Potato-themed fun park sound? There was a time when Mickey and Donald tried to make Goofy's dream vacation a reality, and jumped in the convertible with "Potatoland" programmed in the GPS. Enjoy this classic footage from their trip.

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