There are so many fun things to do in Idaho! If you have been here long enough you probably have all of these things marked off, but if you haven't, here are some great ideas for you to do this summer and throughout the year.

  • Go BASE Jumping off the Perrine Bridge
  • Check Out Cauldron Linn
  • Kayak Blue Heart
  • Take the Thousand Spring Boat Tour and have dinner
  • Go visit Ernest Hemmingway's grave
  • Sand sledding at Bruneau Sand Dunes
  • Go spelunking at Craters of the Moon
  • Find and have a picnic at Box Canyon
  • Hike to Alice Lake in Stanley
  • Hike Mount Borah, Idaho's tallest peak
  • Ski and give a bra to the bra tree at Brundage
  • White water raft in Hells Canyon
  • Check Out where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed
  • Stay a night in the Beagle Hotel
  • Stay a night in an Idaho Potato
  • Check out the Ghost Town and camp in Gilbert
  • Take a night or Halloween tour at the Idaho Penitentiary
  • Visit Bear World
  • Find a hidden hot spring in the middle of nowhere
  • visit Silverwood theme park
  • Jump off a cliff at Dierkes
  • Check out the Minidoka Japanese camps
  • Visit Eagle Tree
  • Go to the Hummingbird Sanctuary
  • Eat an Ice Cream Potato
  • Butcher a deer or elk (that you hunted)
  • Catch (and release) a sturgeon
  • Eat alligator at Snake River Grill
  • See the alligator at Miracle Hot Springs
  • Get a tater pig at the fair
  • Eaten and picked fresh huckleberries
  • Picked blueberries in the South Hills
  • Eaten at Grumpys in Ketchum
  • Walked/biked the Canyon Rim Trail
  • Drawn on an elk hunt
  • Submitted for a Super Hunt
  • Gone bear hunting
  • Caught Chinook along the Salmon River
  • Forgot which time zone you are in

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