Driving around the Magic Valley, it is always tempting to go a little quick. With so many open areas and little to no traffic at times, it is hard not to find yourself going a little too fast. Odds are you have been caught at least once in the game of cat and mouse with officers that safely patrol our roads. The game is changing though and the officers are making it a little less fun and more in their favor. They have the upper hand these days and there is one particular reason: they are cheating.

There Are a Lot of Unmarked Cop Cars in Twin Falls

Police Car Lights
Credit: Carolina K. Smith,M.D.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a decent amount of unmarked cop cars pulling people over. I saw a pick-up truck that looked like any other truck you would see around town. Is this a good use of taxpayer dollars? From a citizen's point of view, I find this to be cheating in the game that we play as drivers. Most people will admit to slightly going over the speed limit or breaking slight rules like not using a blinker at times or texting and driving. With so many cops having unmarked cars in the area, it makes it tougher to get away with these rule breaks. Yes, we should obey the law and they wouldn't pull us over, to begin with, but they are cheating by not being in a standard cop car.

There Is No Challenge For Unmarked Cop Cars

TF Police Cars Officer Kraft

From an officer's perspective doesn't being in an unmarked car ruin the fun for you? There is no challenge of seeing a driver try to tap their brakes to see if maybe you didn't catch them. You have a leg up and it isn't a level playing field. It is like being spotted a touchdown in a football game or starting with kings in checkers. It seems like it would take away the fun and joy of catching someone doing something wrong, cause you know they never had a chance. All you have to do is play good defense or jump us and you win. Does this make it more fun? You get to see the disappointment and shock on the faces of the drivers that never saw it coming, but where is the challenge? 

Traffic cop standing by sports car
Credit: moodboard

While I questioned if this was a good way to use taxpayer dollars, wouldn't it also be a great way to use them? The more tickets given out means more money coming in. If people obey laws then it shouldn't matter what car a cop is driving but it seems like being unmarked would help them write more than they would if sitting in a standard cop car.

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The simple answer to all this is to drive safe, drive smart, and don't give officers a reason to pull you over. In the bigger scheme, this game of cat and mouse on the road isn't a level playing field anymore. What do you need to hide and cheat for? If I can't see you then you shouldn't be able to see me. The quest for an invisible car to even the game seems like a must going forward. It may never happen, but it is the only way to make things even. Officers need to play fair and play nice, and we will agree to make pulling us over fun for you once again.

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