I know, summer time is the most popular time to take the tents and campers out into the wilderness and get away for the weekend. But hear me out, spring time camping is way better in Idaho than summer time camping.

First of all and maybe the most important thing, much less bugs. I know, camping is about getting into nature and that includes bugs. However, if I can camp with less flies, less mosquitoes and less things that will make my skin swell from their bites and stings, the better. Summer is full of all sorts of bugs, trying to keep flies out of my tent is a full time job.

Secondly, there are a lot less people. Everyone wants to go camping during the summer so there are naturally going to be more people around camp sites. I like to camp to get away from people and be secluded. The spring and fall are the best times to be away and have less people around.

Thirdly, it is not nearly as hot during the day and at night it is comfortable. I don't necessarily want it to be in the 50s when I go out camping, but 70s is nice. At night I won't get too hot it cools down quite nicely depending on where you go.

And last of all the wildlife. I swear I see way more wildlife during the spring and fall. There are more elk, more deer, more antelope, just more animals. I love watching the animals. It is my favorite part of camping.

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So have I convinced you yet that spring and fall camping is better than summer.

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