Camping isn't just for humans. Our dogs also recognize when we're preparing for a weekend away in the Idaho backcountry, and they probably have a favorite Gem State location just like we do.

Along with the month of June comes warmer weather and a little bit of paid time off that allows us to get off-grid for a few days to unplug with our families and pets. Having spent a number of years living in southern Idaho, I have grown to really enjoy a particular region of the state.

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Southcentral Idaho--the Stanley Lake area to be precise--is my favorite spot in the Gem State to camp. The first time I kayaked on the lake with McGown Peak looming above and casting brilliant reflections on the cool waters, it had a profound impact on me. We made a habit of spending time at the lake and floating a nearby stream near Alturas.

We used to take our English Bulldog there. She has since passed, but used to love laying on her old, rickety camping chair near the fire. She wasn't so much a fan of getting wet, but I could tell she enjoyed being back at the lake each time we went.

We own a new dog. "Whiskey" is a four-month-old, Golden Retriever, and we are getting ready for another Idaho adventure in the coming days. I have no doubt he'll love Stanley Lake; it's as much a paradise for humans as it is for our doggos.

What spot does your Idaho hound love going to more than any other?

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