This week's outdoor Magic Valley video was uploaded recently to the Facebook channel of a vlogger with close to 2,000 subscribers. Their group navigated the beautiful, but at times difficult, Auger Falls Trailhead in Jerome.

Many people in the Magic Valley are opting to get outdoors in their free time to social-distance on bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and boats. Avoiding crowds in this manner requires no masks, and is a smart way to stay active and reduce your chances of getting the Coronavirus.

My wife and I are big fans of kayaking. We have discussed getting our bikes cleaned up and ready for a possible weekend trip soon. Our mountain bikes are in rough shape at the moment.

Every time I come across one of these Magic Valley mountain biking videos, it makes me want to get back to riding asap. The one I'm featuring this week was posted to the channel of one Donna Ellsworth on July 26, 2020. It's a 10-minute video of her and a couple of friends biking on the Auger Falls Trailhead.

The trail itself is described as "fairly mellow" by Donna. From what I saw in the video, it does have a few rough patches, and is very rocky is certain areas. It definitely requires some skill to navigate the trail in my opinion.

Donna and her group appear to be very skilled riders. Donna has close to 2,000 subscribers on her channel, which has a number of great videos featuring rides in Idaho, Arizona, Utah and beyond.

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