The weather the past couple of weeks has been pretty warm in the Magic Valley. Aside from the heat, conditions have been very good for those who passed through Twin Falls in July to take the leap off the Perrine Bridge.

This summer the Coronavirus has kept my family homebound for the most part. Aside from a few campouts and kayak trips, we've remained cutoff from most people as the virus shows signs of worsening in many states. I have yet to see a single jump from the Perrine Bridge this summer.

Lucky for me, I recently came across a video posted July 30, 2020, that showcases some of the best BASE jumping so far this summer. It was shared to the channel of "Cmac," and is under two-minutes in length.

The video begins with the jumping team taking the Twin Falls turnoff, enroute to the 486-foot bridge, making it the eight tallest in the country. The Perrine Bridge runs 1,500 feet over the Snake River Canyon, and is one of the most popular bridges for jumpers in the Western United States.

One of the best things about being out on the water in the Snake River near the bridge, is getting to witness the jumpers chutes opening in the sky above. Another draw to Twin Falls most popular landmark, is the fact that jumping is legal all year around.

Thanks to "Cmac" for sharing this epic video. It's great to see people enjoying this amazing opportunity. Be safe guys.

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