If you've spent some time in the Hagerman area, odds are you've come across the series of underground springs that line the banks of one of southern Idaho's premiere kayaking spots.

Thousand Springs offers some of the region's most pleasing scenery, as well as being a great area to boat and kayak. The area waters surrounding Ritter Island can be a challenge for kayakers in particular, as the currents tend to run swifter than most popular area waterways. The best way to experience Thousand Springs is definitely by kayak.

The park, although a challenge for some first-timers to find as you have to navigate a number of non-GPS friendly, canyon roads, is a favorite area recreational spot of mine. Thousand Springs is located 40 miles northwest of Twin Falls, and it usually takes two to three trips out to commit the route to memory. Once there, you are granted access to some of the prettiest scenery southern Idaho has to offer.

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Greg Jannetta

Navigating around the underground springs in Hagerman is a photography buffs dream. Every direction you look, you will see water cascading off of something. A recent YouTube upload shows just how unique of an area Gooding County really is. If one didn't know any better, you'd think you're watching a waterfall release from the side of a plateau. In fact, it's a series of underground springs that are the source of the water.

I dig how this individual who captured the footage slowed it down, and gave us a close-up, calming look at this marvelous landmark. If you looped the footage and screen-mirrored to your television, it would almost be the summertime equivalent of the burning holiday yule log.

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