A recent video uploaded to YouTube is a great reminder of just how unique the state of Idaho is when it comes to outdoor hobbies.

While the peak season for biking, kayaking, zip-lining, BASE jumping--really doing just about anything outdoors that's synonymous with the Gem State and requiring decent weather--is still a couple months away, a two-minute video shared December 30, 2019, on the YouTube channel, Spotlight Idaho, sure does make one pray for a speedy end to winter.

Kayaking has taken the place of golfing in recent years as my favorite warm weather hobby. There is just something special about spending the afternoon out on the less-inhabited, Idaho waters. Stanley Lake remains my favorite kayaking spot.  Staring up from my kayak at McGown Peak on the calm waters of the lake in Custer County, is the most enjoyable thing I've found to do since moving to Idaho a few years ago.

As far as other hobbies, I do love to golf. Clearlake Country Club, in Buhl, rivals just about any course I've ever played. Of course, Twin Falls has, for many years, been a top destination for BASE jumping, with the Perrine Bridge providing us with front row seats to the action all year long.

While the video's intention is obviously to catch the attention of those looking to possibly consider Twin Falls as their next home, for us living here already, it is a reminder of how we good we have it.

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