BASE jumping from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is something people from all over the globe come to do every year. It's not all that common though to see jumpers take the leap into total darkness.

I've stood on and looked up at the Perrine Bridge on many occasions and marveled at the type of person it takes to purposely fall 480 feet from the structure. I've seen it done in so many ways. Frontflips, backflips, hanging by one arm, from inside a kayak, off the roof of a truck, but never have I seen anyone do it at night until now.

(WARNING: This video contains some naughty language)

A video post to YouTube from just a couple of weeks ago shows an obviously experienced BASE jumper taking the necessary preparations to pull off the nighttime stunt. The :52 video was posted on the account of BASE Viking.

"F..K, it's dark down there," says the man just seconds before falling from the platform. A couple of friends can be heard laughing in the background. "I heard it," says a woman referring to the opening of the parachute.

(WARNING: This video contains some naughty language)

The video does show a light source that was previously set up in the landing area on the Twin Falls side of the canyon. According to the off-camera banter in the video, it appears the jumper landed safely.

This video is truly amazing. I can't fathom the amount of courage it takes to BASE jump, and to do it in total darkness is even more astounding.

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