I’m guessing the drivers weren’t aware they were on camera.  The video posted above is from the Facebook page of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  It’s near the hot springs at Nat Soo Pah.  It gauges how many people actually sail through or roll through a stop sign at 3000 East and Foothill Cutoff Road.  I’m not excusing any behavior but during daylight hours there are some clear views of traffic in several directions.

I’ve been guilty of rolling through a few stop signs.  Usually in some places unfamiliar.  I’ve come up to an intersection a little too quickly and instead of braking hard I did a quick survey and rolled through.  It was my day in these few cases because nobody pulled me over and wrote a ticket.  Had I been caught, it wouldn’t have been my day.

I’m going to add a comment about why people living in the area featured in the video may have an issue with the sign being ignored.  Earlier this week, I turned on a street and then I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car directly behind me.  It’s possible the driver pulled out of a driveway after waiting for me to pass but I didn’t see the car waiting.  Or if I did, it didn’t get on my radar.

This happens to everyone at times, which is why we have stop signs.

The larger trucks rolling or blowing through the intersection in the video would be of concern.  It’s possible the drivers are familiar with the road and because they ride high they can scope out traffic long before they reach the sign.  If they aren’t familiar with the road and it’s the cause of a full stop being ignored, then it’s very dangerous.  It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette because at some point someone loses.

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