One way a person could get me to seriously maim myself is to hand me a long stick with both ends ablaze and ask me to twirl said stick of fire around my torso and head. Yea, that would just about do it. This group of amazing humans don't have to worry about such accidents.

Fire spinning is something I have no experience in. The closest I get is with family and friends celebrating our country's Independence Day. After a couple of beers and a lit sparkler in each hand, I've been known to put on a very impressive display of raw idiocy. If I can burn myself with a sparkler, which I manage to do almost every Forth of July, then I have absolutely no business partaking in the art of fire spinning.

This really cool video from a few months back was found by yours truly on the YouTube channel of one Christina Hawkins. It's about 100 seconds in length, and features a group of men and women that create beautifully engaging visuals through the combination of fire and darkness.

I'm not sure exactly where this video was shot, but I know I'd like hang there, under the stars, feet in the sand, and maybe roast a pig. The footage is of top notch quality, and the intro music makes me want to give this fire spinning thing a try.

Okay...well that passed. I still have to say that this video, and these people, impress me very much.


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