Just under 300 wild horses were gathered during a recent roundup near the Idaho mountain community of Challis.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, 295 horses were taken off public lands in the Challis Herd Management Area as the roundup concluded on Monday Nov. 11. The operation began on Nov. 5, with the use of a helicopter to gather the horses and relocate them to holding pens in western Idaho. A survey will be done to determine how many animals were left in the management area.

A mix of male and female horses will be released later to bring the population to about 185, which is the determined Appropriate Management Level set by officials. The females reintroduced to the range will be treated with fertility control vaccine to control the population. The BLM said the purpose of the roundup was to reduce overpopulation in the management area and the areas surrounding it. Horses removed from the range will eventually be available for adoption.

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