With temperatures reaching well into the seventies for the first time in several months, many of us likely spent a great deal of time outdoors over Easter weekend. I had the opportunity to witness some BASE Jumping from a local restaurant on Friday, but I didn't have as good a view as a guy operating a drone over the Perrine Bridge did.

After leaving work Friday, I headed over to Elevation 486 for a small birthday gathering. The weather was spectacular for sitting out on the canyon rim for some people watching. One of the recurring themes of the afternoon was watching the parachutes open from those leaping from the Perrine Bridge.

We watched while eating some appetizers and having a couple of cold beers. It felt like an early summer day, as boaters, golfers, people ziplining and sightseers could all be seen from our table.

Early Monday morning, I stumbled across a YouTube video that appears to have been recorded in Twin Falls over the weekend. The nearly three-minute long footage was shot at several locations throughout the area, including Shoshone Falls. What I most enjoyed was at the minute-forty mark of the video, when the drone footage shows multiple BASE Jumpers gliding to the landing spot on the edge of the Snake River.

Drone videos of Perrine Bridge jumpers aren't very common, so I particularly enjoyed this post. Hopefully you had the opportunity to get outdoors over the weekend, and I hope your Easter celebration was fun.

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