Idaho Fish and Game shared a photo and story behind a tortoise that was found wandering near the Twin Falls airport. It it someone's pet and they are looking for his owners.

It is a Sulcata Tortoise apparently, and it has been well taken care of. This tortoise looks like something out of Super Mario. I would totally adopt him if I could and if I wasn't sure if he would beat up my dogs. I definitely don't think my dogs could take this guy.

According to a little research, the Sulcata tortoise is one of the largest in the world and is native to Africa. They live a very long time and have some specific requirements when it comes to care.

They apparently have a tendency to be curious, which is probably how this guy got lost. Research indicated that some of them can get so curious they end up stuck in spaces that are too small for them.

Since they are herbivores I wonder if I could just let him in my back yard and I could stop mowing my lawn. I doubt it but it is fun to think.

Anyway, if you recognize this tortoise and you know someone who is missing one, send them to the Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley Facebook page to be reunited. Hopefully this big guy finds his people.

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