There are a ton of cats, kittens and dogs ready to be adopted from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and other shelters or rescues around the area. However, there is a lot to consider if you are planning to gift a pet to someone this holiday season.

First and foremost, a pet is a commitment. If you aren't sure that the person is up for the job then it is best that you don't get it for them. And even if you want to surprise them with a puppy or kitten, you should probably discuss it with them first. Pets are a lot of work and can be costly. If they aren't prepared for it then it can cause major problems for the new owner or the pet.

Puppies and kittens are adorable, there is no doubt, but they grow up. And while I think they remain cute and adorable as adult pets, not everyone feels that way. More dogs get returned to the shelter after they are grown because they aren't a fun "puppy" anymore or because the "fun" puppy ate their favorite shoes.

Basically, a decision to get an animal as a gift should not be done without some serious thought and consideration. The person receiving the pet should definitely know it is coming because they may need to puppy or kitten proof their home, they need toys and litter boxes and puppy pads.

Animals are wonderful and I can't imagine my life without them, but they aren't for everyone. It is a life long commitment to that pet and it needs to be seriously thought out before they are given as a gift.

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