As I was navigating my way through YouTube Friday morning checking for any new outdoor Magic Valley videos to possibly share with all of you, I came across a new, tasteless fad, that aspiring YouTubers are trying to tap into.

While I might not be panicking and rushing out to local stores trying to stockpile laundry detergent and sanitizer for fear of a community Coronavirus liquidation, I am still taking the situation very seriously because I have a four-year-old boy. We are spending pretty much most of our time indoors outside of work.

I can't say I was surprised to see that people are spoofing on the Coronavirus through these uploads. One in particular I found, "Coronavirus Outbreak In America Prank," uploaded more than a month ago, and before the virus really started capturing the attention of new media, involved a guy pretending to receive news he had tested positive for the virus while being in a public setting.

I think the majority of these videos are harmless, but a few do cross the line. I've seen videos of people coughing on strangers in stores, getting yanked off of subways by friends in hazmat suits, and even pretending to spill blood samples next to people labeled "Coronavirus." Purposely cough or sneeze on me at a store these days, and you'll need a laxative to retrieve your smartphone.

It might be a little soon for these videos, especially with the growing number of victims worldwide, and the fact that most of the country's sports, concert, and recreation events expected to draw more than 250 people, are being postponed or cancelled.

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