First, you need to know it wasn’t all harmony after Cinderella married.  The wedding photographer was a bit overwhelmed and was late developing the portraits.  Frustrated, the new bride waited by the mailbox every day.  “Someday, my prints will come,” she would lament.

This is a Fun Version of the Story

If you’re looking for a humorous take on the tale of an oppressed stepdaughter turned royalty, there are two shows this weekend in Twin Falls.  Friday and Saturday nights at the Reformed Church on Pole Line Road.  Both performances begin at 7:00 p.m.  The title of the show is the True Story of Cinderella and includes some of the finest singing voices in the Magic Valley.

Do You Know the Meaning of Free?

Best of all, there’s no charge for tickets!

You can show up and easily find a seat.  The church sanctuary seats 300 and is built for sound.  This version of the classic tale is sung.  Even the herald sings his part.

Get the Kids Out of the House

This could be a very good show for kids.  Each performance is scheduled to last no more than an hour.  Which should be about right for some shorter attention spans.

A pair of cast members dropped by Magic Valley This Morning, including the title character!  The discussion centered on the uplifting nature of the rags-to-riches story.

You can hear the conversation by clicking on the video below.  You may also hear a few snippets of music.  It’s clear the cast enjoys the work and sense of camaraderie.

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