File this one in the beyond weird category. An online news source has reported that a seven-hour surgery was required over the weekend to remove a live chicken from the rectum of a California farmer.

Either this is one of the most unusual stories to ever break anywhere in the world, or someone is celebrating April Fools' Day a month early over at the Lansing Daily. A California farmer had a rough several hours in the emergency room after he was rushed to the hospital with a living chicken wedged in his anus, according to the news alert I received Sunday afternoon at around 1 P.M.

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I was watching the Golden State Warriors play the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday afternoon (March 5) when the news alert made me sit up and put my beer down. The story, which strangely mirrors one reported to have happened in Indiana in March of 2022, did get published on the website devoted to national news.

Unfortunately, stories of this kind aren't all that surprising when reported on, because more people do insanely idiotic things with their butts than you might think. The Internet is full of painful stories of people jamming objects where the "sun don't shine." 

I'm guessing this news alert was accidentally sent by someone (or something) who might have some explaining to do Monday morning. If I'm incorrect in this assumption, then it would mark the second time in a year that reports have surfaced about United States farmers acting way too fowl.

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