These are strange times indeed. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has just warned America against marinating chicken in NyQuil. Yes, that's not a misprint Twin Falls.

TikTok has apparently turned people into absolute morons. The latest challenge on the social sharing site involves the younger generation of Americans cooking chicken in the cold and flu medication. There are so many reasons to avoid doing this, but the first one has to do with common, damn sense.

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The FDA did actually issue this warning with all the reasons why this is a huge health risk. Combining drugs with food can sicken those who consume it, and could actually result in death if someone has an adverse reaction. Not to mention, the fumes produced from doing something this moronic can have the same effects as huffing a substance such as gasoline. It's also not good for your cookware.

These types of announcements from government entities should never be happening. I don't know if it's boredom, or parents not paying their kids close enough attention, but anyone who pours NyQuil over chicken has serious issues that need to be addressed immediately. If anyone out there has tried this, don't rope anyone else into this ridiculous TikTok nonsense.

I depend on social media a great deal to do my job, but it can be a very dark, scary place, and one that is full of terrible pitfalls. Please don't attempt this challenge. You could be gambling with your life and the lives of others.

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