It's not easy to catch a sturgeon. Why? Well, there's the fact that they're a stubborn fish. Oh, and they can be rather large. They also sometimes prefer to actually be in the boat as a new video proves.

Chad Allen shared this nifty video of a fishing excursion on the Snake River recently. Here's his description:

During an incredible fight, this 7-ft monster kept out of the water 9 times. This time he landed on the boat!

Chad's not kidding. At around the :07 mark, the fish decides its best strategy is to take out the fisherman.

That 7-foot size isn't an exaggeration either. Remember the kid last year who caught the 8-foot fish?

Idaho Fish and Game describes white sturgeon as fish torpedoes, more or less. That means if you get one on your line, don't be surprised if it tries to launch itself into your water vehicle of choice.

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