A Central California news station is racking up views after releasing a video sent in by a woman driving at night along a heavily traveled roadway. The submission has many believing that the object on the roadway is indeed the apparition of someone.

"I'm pretty sure that's a tweaker," replied one person.

Most of us have had one of those late-night drives where we got the hell frightened out of us by something we believe we saw out of the corner of our eye. I remember seeing a low-flying object in the early nineties that had blinking lights and was keeping up with my car while I reached a speed of about 90 miles per hour. It was long before people owned drones, and the incident is still fresh in my mind.

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A California woman driving near the city of Fresno a few weeks ago sent a short video in to KMPH FOX 26 News. It has gotten nearly 43,000 views and dozens of comments from people who support the footage as being legit. There are, of course, a fair share of haters out there as well.

"I'm pretty sure that's a tweaker," replied one person.

It is possible to doctor just about any video made with all the amazing editing software available these days. The videos my 8-year-old kid makes for his Facebook page amaze me. I'll admit, this alleged roadway ghost footage has piqued my interest.

There does appear to be some sort of mist-like object that appears on the driver's side and sort of resembles a human being. The driver stated she was recording the footage because the fog was so heavy, which isn't the smartest thing to do by the way.

What do you believe is in this footage?

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