Ron Burgundy had a voice as smooth as a junkie's Adam's apple and a mustache that made Tom Selleck look like Paul Blart. It's been almost a decade since a Boise newscaster did his entire sports segment as the iconic, womanizing face of KVWN Channel 4 in San Diego...or San-Dee-Ahhhh-Go.

For those that still live in the VHS days and perhaps haven't seen a comedy since The Jerk was released, Ron Burgundy is a news-reporting, jazz flute-playing character portrayed by comedian Will Ferrell in the Anchorman franchise. Burgundy had a habit of being aroused while in the office as well, but everyone but Veronica Corningstone thought it was cool.

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One of the greatest YouTube posts in the past decade was shared in 2014 by Boise, Idaho, news station KIVI. A staffer who went by the name "Paul Gerke" (not sure if it's real) dressed in the red suit and fake stash and delivered a spot-on impression.

Gerke managed to deliver the segment in a very humorous way, and also managed to "stay classy." Three lines he prepared for the sportscast were particularly funny to me:

"I have an urgent and horrifying news story."

"Ribs. I had ribs for dinner."

"Tough. Just like the new Dodge Durango."

Gerke was delivering some Boise State basketball scores and highlights during the nearly six-minute live report and wasn't at all thrilled at the fact the team wasn't getting its proper recognition. It was an outstanding sportscast and apparently was also a Halloween prank.

Well done Gerke!

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