The arrival of snow might not be welcomed by everyone in Idaho, but dogs sure as heck enjoy it when it floats down from the sky.

What dog doesn't love frolicking, licking, or straight-up devouring snow off the ground? I had one dog growing up that was afraid of water, but in its frozen, picturesque state, it wasn't phased by it.

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Dogs love the snow for the same reason humans do. It's fun, and it's thirst quenching as well. Some animal experts believe that the snow aids blood flow in dogs and that our pets enjoy the feeling of a frigid floor of frozen water on their paws. One Idaho dog named "Scooby" lives on a steady diet of the cool, white, atmospheric crystals.

Since those of us in Idaho have been experiencing one heck of a winter with near-record snowfall in certain regions of the state, I thought some of you might enjoy a good, old-fashioned dog/snow video to add to your weekend. A YouTube clip from a few days ago shows this well-chiseled, Idaho pooch feasting on a bounty of snow.

"Scooby" is an American Bully, which is a combination of bulldog and pitbull breeds. With a tail wag and a face full of frost, this dog is in obvious heaven on this chilly, Idaho day. Speaking of the snow, southern Idaho's next chance of a few inches appears to be the weekend of March 11, according to

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