When it comes to creating ways to amuse oneself at home, there are bad ideas, and then there are REALLY bad ideas. A couple of good ol' boys recently shared a video of a makeshift ride they built in the backyard, and the suspense is almost too much to take.

The Twin Falls County Fair is coming up soon. When it comes to thrill rides, it's always a good idea to leave the planning and execution to the professionals, and NOT attempt what a couple of buddies did recently. I came across this recent hillbilly jewel that was shared on YouTube a few days ago, and I almost couldn't stay tuned to the end of the video out of sheer nervousness.

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(Adult Content Warning: Video clip contains foul language)

Lord knows I've designed some pretty unsafe project blueprints in the name of backyard entertainment over the years. A homemade waterslide constructed in my teens that almost resulted in a friend fracturing his skull comes to mind. Luckily, for these two, the cracking you can hear in the video came from the wood used to build this extremely hazardous ride. Be sure to never try this at home kids.

That time of year when livestock capture ribbons, rodeos wow crowds, and corndogs satisfy hungry bellies is just about upon us. The Twin Falls County Fair runs from August 31 through September 5 at the fairgrounds in Filer. For all details pertaining to events, times, the carnival, and other information click here.

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