We live in a time when public pranking for the sake of getting thousands of social media shares among strangers is an all too common sight. There are people that have found a way to not just earn a living executing these types of public high jinks, but some are making an absolute killing.

Having the compulsion to do something ridiculous in public is something that certain people just get regularly. I know I can't walk past a bedroom display at IKEA without wanting to jump on a mattress. I have never followed through with this desire because I just can't bring myself to do it.

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Public pranking YouTube channels are some of the most popular on the Internet. Two that come to mind are the shampoo beach prank and the Walmart rice gag. Sometimes these public acts backfire terribly on the perpetrators.

(WARNING: Video contains some naughty language)

A video posted the other day titled, "Brothers Clucking Around in Halloween Store" caught my attention. I'm not sure if the Spirit Halloween Store prank was intended to go viral, but it's got a long way to go to reach that status. Nonetheless, it's pretty funny.

According to the video caption, the squeaky chicken prank was pulled off at a store in northern Idaho less than two weeks ago. I prefer these types of pranks over the ones that invite confrontation like tossing a bucket of rice onto a stranger's head.

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