It didn't take very long for things to get downright nutty at tonight's Golden Globe awards. Following a hilarious opening from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and a super awkward but totally endearing acceptance speech from Jennifer Lawrence, veteran actress Jacqueline Bisset took the stage to accept an award for Best Supporting Actress for a mini-series or TV movie for her performance in 'Dancing on the Edge.' And then things got pretty crazy. 

Did someone neglect to inform Bisset that the Golden Globes should not be taken that seriously? Bisset takes the stage, immediately tears up, and then asks to locate her co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor because he's her inspiration. Hey everyone, be sure to let your boss know you can't make it into work tomorrow until you locate Chiwetel Ejiofor because you can't do a damn thing without your inspiration.

Anyway! Bisset proceeded to let loose with some profanity (which NBC tried and gloriously failed to censor) and gave a little rant about not letting anyone stand in your way ... or something. It really became unclear, and the video above cuts off before you really get to see any of the good stuff. Figures, since it's from NBC's official YouTube. We the people demand Bisset's crazy speech in its entirety, NBC!

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