DISCLAIMER: Do Not Attempt To Do This, Ever. (Also some foul language)

We watch videos all the time about crazy animals getting too close to bears, moose, and cougars. Yes, I called humans crazy animals. People tend to get too close to animals. This particular video doesn't really have people getting too close, but they did drive too slowly by the bear.

The mama bear straight charged this car. The guys inside thankfully were just fine. However, they did have some colorful language.

In the video, you can see the mama bear trying to get her three cubs up a snowbank. One particular cub, who ends up having a complete meltdown, could not make his way up the snowbank.

Here comes mama bear, checking on her screaming cub. Could you imagine what was going through that bear's mind? "That is the largest, scariest animal I have ever seen" (referencing the vehicle. It was a natural instinct for mama bear to protect her poor cub.

This video also taught me that baby cubs when they scream, sound a lot like screaming human children. It broke my heart to hear that poor baby. Thankfully, everything ended ok and as it should. The other two cubs were waiting patiently for mama and their brother (or sister) to come back before they moved on.

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